book cover bearing an image of a young boy standing on a bech wearing a sailor's suit

When he was six years old, Wes Wesselhoeft and his parents were unceremoniously snatched from their peaceful life in Chicago, Illinois and taken by train and truck to Crystal City, Texas where they were interned with other Japanese and Italians being held hostage in the hysteria of World War II. Hear Wes and Shirley tell the story – or parts of the story ’cause I want you to read the book and join us in The 70273 Project Book Chat in The 70273 Project Facebook Group (date and time to be announced) – in their own words. It is a story of resilience and generosity of spirit if ever I’ve heard one.

Join The 70273 Project Campfire (a.k.a. Facebook group) so you don’t miss this book chat where you can ask Shirley, Wes, and even Nealy the Service Dog questions and make comments on the book.


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