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I am fidgety. Probably from sitting so much. Sitting last Wednesday as we flew across country, East coast to West coast. Sitting as we drove 3 hours from LA to Trona. Sitting as we drove 5 hours two of the days we were there. Sitting as we drove an hour at least twice a day for food and internet. Sitting as we flew back across country yesterday. Sitting as we drove up the mountain today. You get the picture. Tomorrow will have windows of walk and dance amid writing and stitching (I have two new Envoys – perhaps you’d like to be one, too?) And we’ll turn the furnace on. Over 100 degrees in the desert yesterday morning, high 40s today atop the mountain. No jet lag yet, and it usually hits me hardest coming East. Took some homeopathic jet lag remedy – maybe it’s just the ticket.

It’s good to cut thread with real scissors instead of fingernail clippers. Thank goodness they allow travelers to take nail clippers now, though. Otherwise I suppose it would have been the age-old teeth trick.



She is my developmentally disabled sister-in-law, Nancy,
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