The Surgeon Brain says: “I have absolutely no reason to expect any permanent damage. I do, however, expect a longer recovery time.”

In response . . .

The Artist Brain sees a happy yellow smiling face. Or maybe an upturned thumb and calendar pages ruffled by the breeze. Or perhaps a sailboat on a glass topped lake.

The Engineer Brain hears: “All systems go.”

The Therapist Brain hears: “Be ready with distractions or increased medications for possible anxiety during the extended recovery time.”

The Teacher Brain hears: “You’ll need to get assignments and curriculum plans ready.”

The Cat Brain hears: “Oh boy! Lots of treats round the clock!”

The Grandmother Brain hears: “You’ll need to make a shopping list so I can cook casseroles and fill the freezer.”

The Physicist Brain hears: “Hmmmm. I wonder how this relates to String Theory . . . “

The Director Brain hears: “You’ll need to line up an understudy.”

The Depressed Brain hears: “You will never ________ (insert word of choice: sing, teach, run, race, build, work, jump, act) again.

Discussion Questions:

What’s the moral of this story?
Who is right?
Which brain is The Trained Professional?
Which brain is superior?


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