a table covered with a white tablecloth, laden with baskets and scissors and rd and white fabric positioned in front of several white quilts with red X's

Dear Jeanne,

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this project.

As a former speech-language pathologist who worked in public schools and later, a university professor who taught individuals who were studying to be special educators, I was drawn to the importance of this project. We should never forget the horrors that happened to so many people in the past and continue to happen. I also was reminded that individuals with disabilities who become parents are the most likely to lose custody of their children.

My sister-in-law and I attended a quilt show in Portland, OR on May 19, 2018 and saw the project. I spoke to you and to the special education teacher who was also in your booth. That individual is a graduate of the university program in which I taught.

The large square, to me, is the most symbolic. The X’s represent dried blood and the stitches are red to represent new blood as death was inflicted on the 70,273 victims. My X’s are not symmetrical since each on represents different individuals.

Good luck as you continue to gather squares and decide the next steps.


Because she prefers to remain anonymous – something I take very seriously – all I will tell you is that we met at the Northwest Quilters Festival of Quilts and that I did get her permission to share this letter with you.

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