Well shoot. Looks like this session is full. If you’d like to be put on a wait list, let me know. We have three options:
~ If someone finds that they’re unable to attend, I’ll let you know and you can join in their place.
~ If there’s enough interest, I’ll open up a new class and email you with the dates and times (before I make it public) to see if you’re interested.
~ You can be on the lookout for the next session to open and register lickety split.

Thank you for your commitment to writing your life stories, and thank you for your desire to do it with the Keepsake Writing Tribe, benefitting The 70273 Project. Looks like all the chairs at the Keepsake Writing Tribe Table are full for this session. Would you like to be added to a waiting list? If there’s enough interest, I will open another Tribe. If you’d like me to email you if that happens, let me know.