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Postcard from Across the Pond

Writes The 70273 Project Ambassador, Lucy Horner . . . We will be filling the Nave of Rochester Cathedral with XX from Friday 19th January to Monday 12th of March.  Many thanks to Rochester Cathedral’s management committee for extending the time period to give more people chance to see it, and for extending the scope of the […]

Day 3 of the International Quilt Festival

As I write this, I am feeling sad that today is the last day. Yesterday was another remarkable, indescribably astonishing and magical day with so many people coming back to the booth to be with the quilts or to talk some more. Many people came back, bringing others they wanted to show it to. There’s […]

Day 1 of the International Quilt Festival

As we cruise to the front of the massive line (to give us time to get ready to greet our visitors) waiting to gain entry to Day One of the International Quilt Festival, a security guard stops me to say, “I love your project. It is the most meaningful project here for me because my […]

Things Are A-Buzz Across The Pond

I met Lucy Horner in an online photography class, and fell immediately in love with her exquisite photos and her enthusiastic, can-do personality. Though she undoubtedly had no idea what she was in for, it sure was a lucky day for me when she heard of The 70273 Project and offered to collect blocks in […]

Week 15 of The 70273 Project (May 23-29, 2016)

Can y’all believe we just finished week #15? Time does fly, doesn’t it? I got home on Friday, 5/28, so updates are a bit on the skimpy side again. But there are still plenty of things to report and cheer: ~ I now have 1216 blocks in hand! ~ We celebrate Milestone Block #1000, a 3.5″ […]

St. John’s Notting Hill Exhibit

If you’re in the vicinity of London and would like to see some of The 70273 Project quilts, you must find your way to St. John’s Notting Hill before 10 May 2018. When I first heard from The Rev’d Canon William Taylor, he wrote: “I have been very moved by the exhibition and am working […]

The 70273 Project Emporium Grand Opening

Welcome to the Grand Opening of The 70273 Project Emporium, our shiny new online shop! A few notes . . . New items will be added periodically – like more art quilts, for example – so do check back, and because I’m the stockist, shelf elf, manufacturer, clerk, and mail room, the shop will close […]


These good people are clarions, using words on their blogs to make clear, stirring sounds about The 70273 Project. Treat yourself to dropping by for a good read, and feel free to leave a comment of thanks while there. To those of you who’ve written blog posts about The 70273 Project, Thank you, thank you, thank you.  If […]

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