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Data Angels

The 70273 Project Data Angels are responsible for creating The Missus, our online searchable database. Here’s what they do when not hunched over a computer.   Barbara Walsh (Minnesota, USA) I work full-time as a Funeral Director/Mortician.  I am married going on 21 years, and we have three children. I like to quilt (mostly piecing […]

Happy Fourth Birthday to Us!

Four years ago today, I gave myself the best birthday present ever when I mashed the “publish” button and launched The 70273 Project. What an incredible, amazing, astonishing four years it has been. Looking Back Our first blocks came from Kitty Sorgen less than 2 weeks of that first post. News of the project spread […]

Sacred Threads or Bust

As many of you know, I stitch the marks of my sister-in-law Nancy in my spare time. I’m tickled to tell you that Playground of Her Soul, stitched selections from Nancy’s first five sets of drawings,was recently juried into the Sacred Threads exhibit (don’t you love the name?) and will be headed to Herndon, VA […]

A Block Count Update

What you’ve all been waiting for (for far too long). There are so many reasons it’s taken me this long to update the block count, but I’d rather list the Makers, wouldn’t you? This is only a partial update, mind you. There will be another update next week. And there are still many blocks and […]

Interviewing Tari Vickery

Perhaps you know her in person or through social media. Tari Vickery is a friend to me, to many of you, and to The 70273 Project. She is a 70273 Project Ambassador, an administrator for The 70273 Project Campfire Group and for The 70273 Project Facebook page, and because she spent a semester in France […]

Middlings Being Made at Marbridge

Lynn Woll is a woman who does what she says she’s gonna’ do. I meet Lynn at The 70273 Project Special Exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas last month. She asks if she can interview me for Create Whimsy, her beautiful blog, and she does. She tells me she is going to […]

Let’s Update the Block Count Why Don’t We

Before we talk numbers, this: beginning in December 2017, I’ll be sending out The 70273 Project XXtra  – a newsletter that will come out once a month filled with bits and pieces about The 70273 Project that you won’t see here on the blog, To subscribe, click right here. And hey, thanks for the name, […]

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