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Block Count Update: How We Begin the New Year

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I checked in blocks from these good folks: Rachel Williams (US) Barbara Jensen (US) Alida Palmisano (US) Jeff  Rich (US) Brenda Andrews (US) Robin Olsen (US) Elizabeth (Liz)  Sutcliffe (US) Cindy Ridgedell (US) Anonymous Patsi Brletich (US) Gayle Visher (US) and quilts from: Quilt 335 from the Channel Islands […]

Quilt 335 of The 70273 Project

Some of the first people I heard from when I launched The 70273 Project were Kim Monins and Gisele Therezein, two creative, talented, dynamo women who immediately stepped up and put Jersey, Channel Islands U.K. on The 70273 Project map. Here we see Quilt #335 made of blocks made by these residents of Parish St. […]

Making Minis

  Just in time for #GlobalBlockDay and Blockapalooza, a new way to make quilts: fabric postcards which will be called Mini Quilts or Minis for short. The spark for this idea goes to Jennifer Lario Moya who tucked the cutest mug rug into a batch of blocks, and one thing led to another, and here […]

Weeks 60-69 (4/3 – 5/11, 2017) Recap

Good news: the reconstruction is as finished as it’s ever going to be, so I’ve dedicated myself to getting the blocks checked-in (among other things). You might want to fix yourself something to drink, cause we’re gonna’take this week by week, and there are a lotta’ weeks to cover . . . Week 60: 4/3-9, […]

Weeks 52-59 (2/13/2017 – 4/2/2017) Recap

After spending many, many 14-16 hour days (and a few 24 hour days) reconstructing the information that was lost in the computer meltdown by sifting through emails, backed up files, paper files, handwritten notes, memory, blog posts, other people’s blog posts, and anywhere else I can think of to look for information, I’m ready to […]

June: Middling Month

Y’all probably remember that on February 1, 2017, I introduced The 70273 Project Middling Quilts, and now – today, June 1, 2017 – I’m declaring June as Middling Month. If you’ve been thinking about making a Middling, this is a good time to get started. If you’ve been meaning to get that Middling finished, this […]

You Just Never Know . . .

Did your mama always tell you to wear clean underwear so you wouldn’t bring disgrace to the family should you be in an accident and be caught wearing dirty underwear? Well, this story isn’t about that – it’s more about 6 degrees of separation – but I was thinking about that so I wrote it […]

Week 52 (2/6-12/2017) Recap

And here we are, 52 weeks . . . one year . . . after we started. What a year it has been and what a week it’s been. Without any planning or cajoling on my part, our week 52, my friends, turns out to be the grandmother of all weeks. That’s the way the […]

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