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Nancy Responds to Our Collaboration

A question I am frequently asked  is “What does Nancy think about you stitching her drawings?” And the answer is: “I haven’t a clue, not an inkling.” She doesn’t give any verbal or physical indication that she understands or even recognizes that I am stitching her marks, that we are in collaboration. My only indicator […]

Spending Thanksgiving with Nancy

My vision of a daily diary quickly disappeared in an unceremonial poof as the days grew long and full. Here are the highlights  . . . Animals are usually quite leery of Nancy, scurrying to unimaginably small hiding places. I was very proud of Mother’s cats who didn’t run from Nancy, but got up close […]

Diary of a Week with Nancy: Day One

Saturday, 17 Nov 17 Fayetteville, GA 3:30 a.m. The alarm clock goes off. The Engineer and I dress and make our way to the Atlanta airport. We are flying to Florida to fetch Nancy today and bring her home for Thanksgiving. 9:00 a.m. Arriving at Nancy’s house, I ask her for a hug and get […]

Time for Nancy to Blow Out the Candles Again!

It’s that time of year again – the day for Nancy to blow out the candles on her cake! If you’ve poked around this blog, you know who Nancy is, and if you’re at all familiar with The 70273 Project, you know that I was stitching Nancy’s drawings when The Idea came and whispered to the ears […]

Even When Nancy Doesn’t Draw, I Stitch

Then one day instead of drawing, Nancy reaches in her art box, pulls out all the contents, and arranges them on her blank page. For months I wonder how on earth to turn this into a part of the In Our Own Language series. I fiddle and ponder, wonder and sketch . . . then […]

Nancy and Jeanne: Alike . . . But Different

Jeanne hates P.E. and avoids it at all costs. Nancy boards the bus with a smile. Jeanne walks into the gym and finds the nearest corner to hide in. Nancy walks in, surveys the scene, then finds herself a comfortable spot along the edge. Jeanne hates touching the dirty, rough, grimy balls. Nancy doesn’t mind […]

the view from here . . . through nancy’s eyes

as you no doubt recall, nancy spent thanksgiving with us here, atop this mountain where our home sits perched on this waterfall. her teacher (thank you, mona) sent me these drawings made by nancy on her first day back at school after the thanksgiving break. they take my breath away. one day i’d like to […]

Happy Birthday to Nancy

Today is Nancy’s birthday. We called her, but Nancy never has quite mastered (or bothered) with telephones. She does, however, like postcards, so perhaps you’d like to send her one every now ‘n then? I probably should mention that it’s an exercise in letting go to send her a postcard because somebody has to deliver […]

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