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Quilts Hung at Rochester Cathedral

  Thank you, Wendy Daws, for this video and to Lucy Horner, 70273 Project Ambassador, and to all those who helped make this magnificence happen. The quilts will hang in Rochester Cathedral till March 12, 2018. The Engineer and I will be there on 1/24. If you’re in the vicinity or can get there, I […]

Happy Fourth Birthday to Us!

Four years ago today, I gave myself the best birthday present ever when I mashed the “publish” button and launched The 70273 Project. What an incredible, amazing, astonishing four years it has been. Looking Back Our first blocks came from Kitty Sorgen less than 2 weeks of that first post. News of the project spread […]

From the Archives: U.K. Quilts and Exhibits

  Every year Europeans mark Holocaust Remembrance Day at the end of January. The Engineer, Tari Vickery, and I are honored to be in attendance and participate in January 2018. Quilts of The 70273 Project were on display in Durham Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral, and the Jersey Heritage Center and Museum in the Channel Islands. It’s […]

Meet Quilt 423

Allow me to introduce Quilt 423 of The 70273 Project. As one who once taught book and box making workshops, I chortled gleefully when Miss 423 arrived in her own handmade chariot, complete with a (still-uncompleted) subtraction worksheet turned protection flap! The box is made by the same creative hands that picked up the quilt […]

Quilts Exhibited Around the World

SCOTLAND / CREATIVE WHITHORN WHITHORN PRIORY THROUGH 12 AUGUST 2018 If you’re in the vicinity of Scotland, find your way to Whithorn where there’s quite a festival happening this weekend that you won’t want to miss. (And if you can’t get there, tell your friends and family who can get there to go and send […]

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