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Aktion T4: Correspondence with Families

Aktion T4 generated a great deal of correspondence. While families and friends were anxious to locate their loved ones, T4 official were determined to keep the whereabouts of these patients secret. Thousands of desperate letters were sent by concerned loved ones to officials, pleading for news. Here is a letter from an American, penned before […]

Action T4: Correspondence with Families Concerning Deaths

The ‘Black Triangle’ was worn by Aktion T4 (Tiergartenstraße 4) officials. The name is taken from a villa in the Berlin district of Tiergarten which housed the operation headquarters. In a previous post we talked about the correspondence from family members desperate to know the whereabouts of their loved ones and the form letter responses sent […]

Happy Fifth Birthday to The 70273 Project!

Can y’all believe it was FIVE years ago today when I mashed the publish button on the blog post launching The 70273 Project? So much has happened in our lives, in this project, in the world since then. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be unveiling several new adventures happening in The 70273 Project and introduce […]

Block Drives

~ 4 hours to full day or multiple days ~ no minimum or maximum participation ~ usually combined with other presentations ~ Jeanne brings all supplies needed plus quilts to display and handouts ~ $585 per day plus travel expenses Between January 1940 and August 1941 under a top secret program known as Aktion T4, […]


Click to read about presentations lasting from 50 minutes to 2 hours: ~ The 70273 Project: A Back Stage Pass ~ In Our Own Language ~ Creativity: How It Comes and What to Do with It When It Gets Here ~ Chaps, Spurs, and Reins OR How Leading an International Project Changes and Reassembles a Person […]


These are some of the books I’ve read or are on my nightstand to read based on recommendations. It is a digital bookshelf that will grow with time and discovery. Tapping the title for any book will whisk you to the book on Amazon’s Smile program where, if you reside in America, you can choose […]

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